Since its inception, the Tour de Fuque has been a staple of the upstate New York mini-golf scene. Founded, created, and played by the members of trivia team Fuck Mountain — and associates — the original tour was a Summer-and-Fall celebration of the art of putting and wearing unusual outfits whilst otherwise golfingly-engaged. Original rules were created to enliven the experience — from “sending” an opponent’s hit ball, to “words of the day” to be avoided, to a “No Bag” placed upon a tee’ing competitor’s head — adding elements of chance, luck, and revenge. Originating in the Greater Rochester Area, the 2013 tour traversed eight courses throughout the state of New York and also ventured internationally into Canada, despite government protests from both sides. Clubs were swung, balls were hit, and six rounds later, the tour was concluded to great fanfare and much revelry.

After the original tour, members have gone on to great success in the miniature-golf field, having played additional courses throughout the country, and eventually reuniting for a reunion tour in 2015.

About the videos
Video was shot at each of the 2013 tour’s courses, to document the experience. However, due to foolhardy ambition and sheer insanity, the videos expanded into larger projects with additional scenes, scripts, and an attempt to “learn” more “techniques,” ultimately resulting in the time between video releases growing further and further apart. As the videos slipped deeper into the recesses of digital hard drives, the tour joined the ranks of events in the pantheon of golf history. History became legend, legend became myth, and for two-and-a-half years competitors waited for the finale. And while they continue to wait, progress has been made and videos have begun to emerge again.